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Adaman Resources was established in 2017 by the Managing Directors of two independent mining services companies;  Danny Sweeney of SMS Mining and Mark Rowsthorn of Rivet.


SMS offers a full suite of mining services to suit its clients project needs. Their offering includes a full contract mining solution, full service dry and wet hire equipment rental, maintenance and repair contracts and global equipment procurement and sales services. SMS has significant operations in the gold fields of Western Australia with 3-4 operating sites and over 160 staff in the region. Key gold mining customers include Saracen Minerals Ltd, Norton Gold Fields and Tawana Minerals.


Rivet Mining Services is a subsidiary of the Rivet Group that provides bulk haulage and ancillary onsite services (such as road construction and maintenance operations) to the mining services sector. RMS has had a continuous presence in the gold fields of Western Australia since the mid 1990s either directly or through it’s previous business owners. It currently has over 25 road trains operating in the region and over 100 staff providing a variety of bulk haulage, crusher feed and road maintenance services. Key gold mining customers include West Gold, Saracen and Norton Gold Fields.